Hackers are Targeting Small & Medium Businesses

Small and medium businesses are the most targeted for cyberattacks and have the most to lose. We reveal how your small business can be protected.

Hackers are Targeting Small & Medium Businesses

Small and medium businesses are the backbone of our economy and communities, a trusted source of products and services. But these pillars of our community are under increased attack from online criminals. Protecting these companies with the proper software and hardware is crucial to keep them in business.

Danger by the Numbers

A common misconception about cyber security is, "Oh, I'm not worried we're too small to be a target." Unfortunately, hackers aren't considering the size of companies, and it's only how they can exploit weaknesses in their defenses to make money. 

Cyberattacks on small-to-medium businesses (SMEs) are increasing. Some research says 43% of cyberattacks are targeting SMEs. A little company is three times more likely to be targeted than a larger one.

The Consequences of Hackers for Small & Medium Businesses

Protecting yourself from cyberattacks is more critical for small to medium businesses than their larger counterparts because the consequences for smaller companies are more significant—60% of small businesses that receive a cyberattack leave within six months. 

This is because cyberattacks cost businesses a lot of money. Not only is there the immediate cost of trying to undo all the damage the hackers did while in your system (paying fines, providing free credit monitoring, paying ransom costs, and handling immediate damage and repairs), but there is also an indirect cost on business operations. Businesses might lose customer trust and growth, they might have been set back in their online operations, and there can be a loss of productivity and morale. 

How Small to Medium Businesses Can Protect Themselves from Hackers

Train Employees in Security Principles

Ensure employees know how to protect themselves from cyberattacks. Do they know what a phishing attack looks like? Do they understand how social engineering attacks work? Providing basic training can help prevent an attack.

Protect What Needs to Be Protected

When it comes to cybersecurity, there is a laundry list of things that need to be protected, including:

  • Internet connection
  • Information
  • Computers
  • Networks

Protecting these various areas of your information network ensures there are no places for hackers to slip into your system to steal things.

How Software Companies Can Guard Small Businesses from Hackers

With such a significant threat sweeping in, the industry needed to find a way to protect small and medium businesses from having their information and their customer's information stolen.

Software companies have stepped up to protect small businesses. Using our expertise in hardware, software, and antivirus programs, software companies like Astuto Software help protect small businesses and their wifi network, devices, and computers. 

Protect Your Business in Every Way

Like an insurance policy and security cameras or alarms, there are many ways to protect your business. At Astuto Software, we know the ins and outs of software and hardware protection, ensuring you can go about your business knowing hackers aren't poking their noses into it. For more information on how we can help protect your business visit our website.

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