Do you know where your mower is?


New GPS Mower Tracker

Mowing Path Mapping 

Device Offers Detailed Cutting Lines 

Astuto Technologies announces a robust new product for lawn and landscaping companies:

Astuto Mower Tracking Device.

Serve your customers better with increased visibility

Customers aren’t always present at the time of service. With the Astuto Mower Tracker, you can prove the value of your assistance with exact mowing path data to simplify billing and ensure the completion and quality of work, all while protecting your valuable equipment with best-in-class GPS alerts for theft protection and unauthorized use.

Weatherproof Durability

And flexible functionality

  • By seconds ping rate for the most accurate mowing path route data.
  • Alerts if mowers move after hours or outside of geofenced areas.
  • Location alerts when mowers are turned off or stored for the season.

Taking Your Landscaping Company to the Next Level

Growing your business is always at the top of your mind, and embracing cutting-edge technology is a great way to get there. With Astuto Track GPS, you get advanced technology and the support needed to manage sustained growth, cut costs, and streamline your operations. With GPS tracking for your lawn care and landscaping business, you can:

* Thwart thieves by steering authorities to missing equipment or vehicles with precise GPS location.

* Prevent after-hours use, unauthorized activity, and misuse of your equipment and vehicles.

* Avoid costly equipment breakdowns with alerts reminding you when it’s time for preventive maintenance checks.

* Eliminate double bookings and wasteful driving by overseeing teams in the field and dispatching them accordingly.

* Clear up billing disputes with customers with time-stamped information about their home or business.

The Astuto Track GPS Mower uses a second ping rate to accurately track every movement of lawnmowers and other motorized equipment in real time. The detailed mower path data allows users to quickly show proof of service to customers. It also provides data to adjust mowing patterns to improve lawn health. In addition, the Astuto tracking system gives the location, use data, and theft protection for every piece of landscaping equipment.

Product Senior Director said, “The Astuto Mower Tracker makes it easy for a landscaping company to defend against customer complaints and refund requests. After service is complete, our customers can give them peace of mind by verifying exactly what their teams were doing.”

Hernani Del Giudice added, “Larger contracts for landscaping and lawn care companies often require proof of service details. The Mower Tracker makes this simple for small businesses looking to expand into larger markets.”

The mower tracker can be used for proof of service with any motorized equipment, including spreaders, brush cutters, and power rakes.

The Mower Tracker features a durable, weatherproof casing for all seasons and environments. All Astuto tracking devices include geofence and unauthorized use alerts to protect valuable equipment and confirm when the team arrives at a customer’s location. The ping rate can be adjusted up to 48 hours during off seasons to extend battery life while providing theft protection. Regardless of manufacturer, the tracker can be wired to any motorized trackers and equipment.

Astuto offers different GPS tracking brands for small and medium-sized service businesses. The Mower Tracker joins other Astuto GPS devices, including dash cameras and vehicle trackers, that landscaping businesses use to protect against theft and liability. The Mower Tracker delivers on Astuto’s promise to make complicated things simple.

About Astuto 

Astuto is a leading vehicle and asset-tracking solution provider for small and medium-sized fleets and service companies. Astuto delivers robust, easy-to-use GPS solutions through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Our data gives businesses the tools to improve fleet management, increase mobile worker productivity, and reduce operating costs. With the introduction of temperature monitoring sensors and dash cameras, Astuto continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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