Home Services Industry Research Analysis 2020

Online local on-demand home services.

Efficiency Drive Home Service Trends for 2020: Online On-Demand Home Services Market by service (home care and design, repair, construction and maintenance, pool, outdoor smart lighting, irrigation, grass beauty, and others) is witnessed to grow USD 869.95 Billion, at a CAGR of 52% from 2018 to 2022.

With the proliferation of internet-enabled smartphones, digital media has emerged as a key communication and marketing channel for vendors operating in the local online on-demand home services market.

Service visibility is one of the principal factors in the marketing strategy implemented by online on-demand home service providers. Vendors are sending customers to push messages and e-mails that contain information about new services and offers to promote their business.

Technology is changing how people live, and it's driving the trends we're seeing.
Efficiency and convenience are the big ideas that are changing the home service industry.
Homeowners are looking for solutions that are less disruptive, last longer, and make their lives simpler. Meeting those expectations is an essential part of home service.

Online on-demand home service companies are providing home services using innovative ways. Many investors have also started investing in on-demand companies, and this is driving the online on-demand home services market. Improved mobile technologies and advances in connectivity have given rise to on-demand home services start-ups. The vendors in the market are launching on-demand services such as home Landcare, patio construction, mowing, irrigation, pool, services, and garden sitters.

As Matthew Kanas at Intuit Canada noted, “If Amazon can deliver a package within 24 hours or the same day, why can’t home service businesses deliver on the same time frame? This is the mindset the home service industry will need to take.

Now think about how that impacts the home service industry. Customers will soon be able to use voice recognition technology to request a home service provider for a specific problem and get an instant quote. They will soon be empowered to take a picture of a household fix they need and get a quick estimate from a local provider scrolling through customer requests on their phone. New visualization technologies now allow consumers to measure every detail with one click.

To attract new customers and acquire more market share. For instance, expected that the global online on-demand home services market will have a positive outlook during the forecast period. Let’s get ready.
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