Why Do You Need to Focus on Your Diet?

Expert Eric Edmeades Talks. Natural Health

“Success, in life, is most easily measured by the number of days you are truly happy.” ― Eric Edmeades
Eric Edmeades, the creator of Mindvalley’s WildFit Quest, will change your relationship with food. Cravings will disappear, weight loss will come easy, and you’ll feel healthier than you’ve ever felt before.

Why Doctors Want to Prescribe WildFit

Eric Edmeades might just be the most interesting man you could ever meet. He’s trekked through the jungles of East Africa. He’s spoken on the same stage as Tony Robbins and U.S. Presidents. And he’s a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, and world-class health expert.
Now he’s ready to overhaul the medical and food industries.
When I meet Eric one late morning in San Diego, he’s so earnest, interested, and genuine that I like him within moments. His beaded necklace reminds me of a modern-day Indiana Jones. It’s fitting because he often goes on anthropological expeditions in Africa to find out how early humans ate and lived.
Eric Edmeades has taken several trips to Tanzania to meet the Hadza tribe, one of the last hunter-gatherer societies on earth. He trekked through the East African terrain for 27 miles and then repeated the mileage the next morning. After the hunting expedition, he realized that every member of the tribe was fit.

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