How to segment databases for email marketing

How to segment databases for email marketing

The best email is personal not personalized

They said that the emails were about to disappear, that the new generations would no longer use it and that they had found on social networks, thanks mainly to smartphones and the increasingly cheaper data rates, more dynamic and direct means of communication .
They said that the email would disappear, today we know that the

Nowadays, email marketing continues to be a fundamental tool in any digital marketing strategy, and we know that to keep it effective we have a lot of work to do to optimize the performance of the campaigns. Among them and one of the most important to segment databases.

The best email is the one that arrives in a personal way, not confused with personalized, with contents related to the tastes of the person who receives it and who also arrives at the right time. To achieve this, the most important thing is to have an up-to-date database, with as much information as possible and worked to achieve a segmentation that is as close as possible to the needs of the company. This requires time, work, effort and have the shipping platform of your choice. That allows to carry out the action of segmenting databases.
The best email is the one that arrives in a personal way, do not confuse it with personalized -

How to segment databases?

The answer will depend a lot on the objectives pursued by the company, we can segment databases and group our contacts by different criteria:

Segment databases by customer type: in a database included in a CRM or customer manager we can have information based on their activity, or what is the same: current customers, prospects and former customers. This segmentation gives us the possibility to choose and define what type of message is sent to each group of clients.

The application you choose allows you to reorder and re-create new groups of clients based on how they have interacted in one or more campaigns.

Suppose we are a company that sells CDs of music and we launched a campaign with four albums that belong to four completely different musical genres: rock, electronica, merengue and bachata. Once the campaign has been completed, and thanks to one of the system's features, we will be able to create four new groups with the recipients that have clicked on each of the CD's.

If this segmentation action is carried out in each of the campaigns that fit these product criteria (by musical genre), we can create a database with a profile adjusted to specific tastes based on empirical information, we know that the user has clicked one or more times in a certain place.

Types of database segmentation

Although segmenting a database is a very personal task depending on the objectives we want to achieve, we propose as an example some types of database segmentation that may be useful.

Segment databases by sex, age, geographical data or socioeconomic situation: thanks to this option we will be able to offer each of the recipients of the campaign products and services tailored specifically to their needs.

Suppose we are a clinic that offers different health services, including gynecology. It is obvious, but when it comes to sending a campaign where we are reporting on a contraceptive treatment, we should have the appropriate mechanisms to send this communication only to women of a certain age range, who are the recipients to whom They really care about this service.

Segment databases by type of device: this allows us to activate lists in different time zones depending on the contact probabilities, since we can know with what device (computer, tablet or smartphone) the receiver usually opens our campaigns.

An effective management of our database goes hand in hand with a continuous innovation in which we will have to adapt gradually to the new requirements and needs that our clients mark, and of course, to learn from the experience and information that each campaign gives us. For this it is vital to analyze the statistics of each shipment, this post we highlight the 7 fundamental metrics to be taken into account in an email marketing campaign.

Effective management of our database goes hand in hand with continuous innovation.

A good segmentation of the databases that we use in our email marketing campaigns is a critical competence that we must have in the company, whose final objective is none other than to give value to the message that is given to the recipients to increase the ROI of the action.

That is why analyzing, ordering and splitting the contacts in our database will always be an intelligent investment and a key factor in our business.
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